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📘 Unveiling the SiMBiT Project ( on Advanced Materials by Wiley Online Library! Dive into the future of healthcare with a portable ELISA-like 96-array of bioelectronic sensors. Developed by Eugenio Cantatore, Irene Esposito, Eleonora Macchia, Fabrizio Torricelli, Fabrizio Antonio Viola, Luisa Torsi, and co-workers (Article #2304102). 🧬

🔬 This innovative technology assays proteins and nucleic-acid biomarkers simultaneously at the single-molecule level in just 0.1 mL of plasma! 🚀 In a groundbreaking study, a cohort of 47 patients underwent minimally invasive screening for early pancreatic cancer diagnosis. The results? Mucinous cyst precursors accurately classified with 100% precision through machine-learning analysis. 🌟

📚 Don't miss the cover on Advanced Materials! Read the article now and witness the future of diagnostics. #SiMBiTproject #Bioelectronics #HealthcareInnovation #AdvancedMaterials #WileyOnlineLibrary 🩺🔍

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SiMBiT lastest results presented in BioEl2023!🔬👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬

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Final Review Meeting, Brussels February 15 2023🔬👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬
It has been an amazing journey!
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Final SiMBiT meeting in Bari 🔬👩‍🔬🧑‍🔬 12/12/2022

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📣📣📣The SiMBiT project will be in Vienna for the IEEE Fleps 2022 - July 10 - 13📣📣📣
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The Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro , Università degli Studi di Brescia and Åbo Akademi SiMBiT PIs have teamed up in the effort of writing this contribution on single-molecule detection at a large eletronic interface
Authors: Eleonora Macchia, Fabrizio Torricelli, Paolo Bollella, Lucia Sarcina, Angelo Tricase, Cinzia Di Franco, Ronald Österbacka, Zsolt M. Kovacs-Vajna, Gaetano Scamarcio, Luisa Torsi.
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All the team of the SiMBiT project joins together to wish you a happy and fruitful year 2022  !

For us 2022 will be the last year of our project promising success and the achievement of our goal: to develop a label-free and single-molecule detection ELISA platform...Stay Tuned ! 

We had previously announced you the event surrounding the awarding of the Wilhelm Exner Medals in 2020 and now 2021 normaly planed for the end of November. Unfortunately the event had to be postponed due to the covid pandemic. It will hopefully take place friction-free in May 17th & 18th, 2022 with Luisa Torsi SiMBiT's coordinator as a speaker ! 

To register please visit the Exner website :

 Luisa Torsi, Project coordinator of SiMBiT project and laureate from 2020 of the Exner Medal 2021, will be present the 23rd and 24th of November at the Exner lectures next to Katalin Kariko and EDward S. Boyden followed by the award ceremony in Vienna’s Palais Eschenbach. 

In the 100th anniversary of the creation of the medal, two outstanding female researchers will be honoured for their discoveries that changed society and the economy. 

Save the date Exner Lectures 2021


We are very proud of the ongoing work we have done and available online, offering the first ever single molecule detection of genomic and proteomic markers with the same platform SiMBiT for early detection of pancreatic cancer.

pancreatic cancer

We are so proud that SiMBiT project coordinator Luisa Torsi has been named to receive the WILHELM EXNER MEDALS 2021 at the award ceremony on 24 November 2021 in Vienna. She will be honoured for her discoveries and her work at the lead of one of the fastest growing research directions in organic electronics.

The Wilhelm Exner Medal delivered by the Austrian Trade Association honored selected researchers whose discoveries have directly or indirectly promoted the economy in an outstanding way. 

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We are pleased that SiMBiT project partner Dr May Wheeler from FlexEnable will present FlexEnable and SiMBiT activities at the 7th "annual Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference" innoLAE. She will give a talk on ‘High-performance materials and processes optimised for flexible displays and other OTFT applications’ on Thursday 25 February in the “applications” section.


After two years of collaboration SiMBiT we are at the mockup stage right in time despite the pandemic way to go and thanks so much for the great effort all the partners are putting into it !


We are pleased that SiMBiT project coordinator Luisa Torsi will be one of the plenary speaker at the 30th edition of Biosensors World Congress next November 2020. The World Congress on Biosensors is the largest and most well-established conference in the field, attracting around a thousand attendees from industry, academe and government organisations.

2020 biosensors

At the beginning of this year, part of the SiMBiT consortium published a paper on current development regarding innovative sensors technique: “Organic Field-Effect Transistor Platform for Label-Free, Single-Molecule Detection of Genomic Biomarkers” Eleonora Macchia, Kyriaki Manoli, Cinzia Di Franco, Rosaria Anna Picca, Ronald Österbacka, Gerardo Palazzo, Fabrizio Torricelli, Gaetano Scamarcio, and Luisa Torsi, ACS Sensors 2020 5 (6), 1822-1830

Discover the published paper using the following link!

Short abstract :

The rising interest for technologies capable to track a biomarker down to the physical limit points towards new opportunities in early diagnostics of progressive diseases. Electrolyte-gated field-effect transistors, also addressed as Single-Molecule with a large Transistors (SiMoT), represent an extremely powerful tool to achieve label-free and single-molecule detection of clinically relevant biomarkers. In this study, for the first time, the SiMoT sensing response towards genomic biomarker for multiple sclerosis (miR-182) is proposed. This is relevant, not only because single molecule detection limits are demonstrated, but also because it proves that the SiMoT label-free single molecule detection principle is the only one of his kind that can detect, by means of the same platform, both protein and genomic markers.


Already 14 months have passed since the beginning of the SiMBiT project. Now that the first year of the project is over, it is time to introduce what has been achieved so far by all the partners of the project:

  • Set-up of the product’s specifications, common procedures and protocols so all SiMBiT’s activities are following same procedures to comply with future certification activities
  • Work on the design and the characterization of the semiconductor and the EG-TFT especially the design of the gate (figure 1). Physical and electrical characteristics as well as transistors’ stability in water were studied ( figure 2).
    2020 03 11 FIG1  2020 03 11 FIG2
    Figure 1 : Scheme and picture of the set-up used for studying EG-TFT devices   Figure 2 : Modelling of P3HT degradation over 7 days, expressed as ID(max) vs time. In the inset, the shift in the threshold voltage is also modelled with the same function


  • Work design of the final prototype with a first step completed: the first prototype for the 4x4 well array
  • Set-up and start of the collection of biologic samples
  • Screening for additional biomarkers by miRNA identification
  • Dissemination with 14 scientific publications and participation to 24 European and international events
 If you want to find out more about SiMBiT first-year activities, you can consult our “publishable technical early progress report”
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This European workshop presents breakthroughs and innovations in smart bioelectronics and flexible & wearable systems with the presence of market leaders, innovators, researchers, professional and user organisations. The goal is to raise the importance of electronics and in particular smart integrated sensor systems using heterogeneous technologies, new materials and fabrication processes.

Professor Luisa Torsi and her team (CSGI @ Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro) will attend to both days workshop and will present the SiMBiT project on the second day (October 23rd) at 14:50.

Find further information and the complete programme here :

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On the 20th and the 21st June 2019, all partners of the SiMBiT project gathered together for the second time for our 2nd executive board and 1st steering committee. The event was organized by SiMBiT partner The University of Brescia, in Brescia and at the Garde Lake in Italy.

The technical part of the meeting showed that the project is currently moving forward according to our GANTT Chart.

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We were happy to present SiMBiT project at the 37th E-MRS congress holding in Nice this end of May. Pr Luisa Torsi from the University of Bari – CSGI and her team and Dr Fabrizio Torricelli from University of Brescia Department of Information Engineering were at the congress to talk about the development of our single molecule bio-electronic smart assay system.

The European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) highlight the latest advances in materials research at an international level organized into 6 topical clusters and more than 80 exhibitors:

  • Materials for Energy
  • Bio- and Soft Materials
  • Nano-functional Materials
  • 2 Dimensional Materials
  • Materials, Electronics and Photonics
  • Modelling and Characterization

This year to the European Materials Research Society, 80 international exhibitors will display a full spectrum of equipment, instrumentation, products, software, publications and services. The scientific programme will highlight the latest advances in materials research at an international level, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research in both fundamental and applied areas.

The technical program of the meeting will include 28 symposia organized into 6 topical clusters:

  • Materials for Energy
  • Bio- and Soft Materials
  • Nano-functional Materials
  • 2 Dimensional Materials
  • Materials, Electronics and Photonics
  • Modelling and Characterization
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Launching days for the SiMBiT project, University of Bari received all the partners of the project for the kick-off meeting which will launch the realization of these three years of European collaborative project. A press conference took place the first morning with local medias.

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