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Already 14 months have passed since the beginning of the SiMBiT project. Now that the first year of the project is over, it is time to introduce what has been achieved so far by all the partners of the project:

  • Set-up of the product’s specifications, common procedures and protocols so all SiMBiT’s activities are following same procedures to comply with future certification activities
  • Work on the design and the characterization of the semiconductor and the EG-TFT especially the design of the gate (figure 1). Physical and electrical characteristics as well as transistors’ stability in water were studied ( figure 2).
    2020 03 11 FIG1  2020 03 11 FIG2
    Figure 1 : Scheme and picture of the set-up used for studying EG-TFT devices   Figure 2 : Modelling of P3HT degradation over 7 days, expressed as ID(max) vs time. In the inset, the shift in the threshold voltage is also modelled with the same function


  • Work design of the final prototype with a first step completed: the first prototype for the 4x4 well array
  • Set-up and start of the collection of biologic samples
  • Screening for additional biomarkers by miRNA identification
  • Dissemination with 14 scientific publications and participation to 24 European and international events
 If you want to find out more about SiMBiT first-year activities, you can consult our “publishable technical early progress report”
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